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So in case anyone was confused,

of COURSE I'm voting! 

I had a minute in those debates where I was shocked and offended enough to say it to myself (I'm not voting for these creeps I love), but it was short-lived, angry, and really not useful. 

In California we're worried about Proposition 8, which tries to overturn the legality of Gay Marriage in our state. It's pretty important, since many couples have had their marriages legalized, illegalized, legalized, and now under the threat of being illegalized again.. . The whole thing really highlights the absurdity of the issue, and the idea of marriage itself. What's so offensive is the fact that a marriage can be nullified arbitrarily by the state.

The offensive have taken a lot of money to play these awful commercials constantly on our televisions: a small girl comes home from school with a kid's book: Kings and Kings. Mommy, she squeals delightedly, today I learned that a King can marry a King and I can marry a Princess! The mother's face darkens with concern and the law professor from Christian Conservative Pepperdine University steps forward to tell us that this scenario is already happening in Massachusetts and parents have no recourse to complain.

As if a child's book could make you gay.

As if schools teach anything about marriage in the first place.

As if children don't watch television and listen to the radio and use computers and don't know that there are different kinds of people all over the place.

I remember Crane's invitation:

Come, it is too late, too late,
to risk alone the light's decline.

Here's a youtube video I like, that spoofs the mac commercials in our interest:


Dustin said...

What a fucking horrible commercial.

javier said...

I think Prop. 8 is the hottest issue this november. On the corner of McArthur and Lakeshore here in Oakland there's about 20 to 25 people on each corner everyday all day, some on the Yes and some the No side of the "debate." The people on the Yes are arguing their side on the claim for parental rights. What does parental rights have to do with an adult having the right to marry whomever he or she wants? I just think it's a weak argument, and I don't think it's going to work.

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