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On Facebook I was tagged to name 20 books that inspired or influenced me to write poetry. 


I took this to mean poems from the beginning, that woke something up. That wounded me.

Books is too hard for me, but here's 20 poems I can remember lines from, poems I am sure called to inside me some calling:

--in no order, and with, I'm sure, severe omissions I will regret later--

1. "To Small Frogs Killed on a Highway" James Wright

2. "Carrion Comfort" Gerard Manley Hopkins

3. "Letter In November" Sylvia Plath

4. "Batter My Heart Three Person'd God" John Donne

5. "Death" Federico Garcia Lorca

6. "The Kid" Ai

7. "Lamium" Louise Gluck

8. "To the Black Madonna of Chartres" Jean Valentine

9. "Hamlet" William Shakespeare

10. "Legend" Hart Crane

11. "Les Stupa" Arthur Rimaud

12. "Elegy" David St. John

13. "Herbert White" Frank Bidart

14. "Letter" Larry Levis

15. "The White Fires of Venus" Denis Johnson

16. "The Window" Lynda Hull

17. "Aubade"  Philip Larkin

18. "The Waking" Theodore Roethke

19. "Take Me To the Airport" Yehuda Amichai

20. "Desert Places" Robert Frost

I'll throw in the Book of Job as a floating poem, since I went to church first and memorized those poems first, and surely learned my duende there. . . 

and three from my teachers:

"The Good Lunch of Oceans" by Alberto Rios

"The Funeral" by Norman Dubie (but I love "Hummingbirds" more. Shit just read The Springhouse Poems)

"Monsoon" by Beckian Fritz Goldberg

. . . . . .

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Anonymous said...

A few of mine:

Song of a Man who Has Come Through, DH Lawrence

Ballad of the Moon, Moon, Lorca
Preciosa and the Wind, Lorca

Rebus, Jane Hirschfield

Bruce Owens: After the first rain/that falls under the flooded house (from A Passage Through Stone)

Relics, Charles Wright

Vespers, Louise Gluck

Carolina Ghost Woods, Judy Jordan

LOs Angeles, 1954, David St. John

These are two Tortured Lips/slipping into dagger sheaths, Bruce Owens

Curse, Meg Kearny

Glassblower, Rumi

xx, Your friend of the Digitalis

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